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● Wthie Snow ● Snapshot function
Sensor:2.0M pixel、1.3M pixel、300K pixel CMOS chip optional ( static snap-shooting software interpolated 8.0 Mega or dynamic 10.0 Mega);
Lens:Hybird lens、Glass lens、plastic lens optional;
Webcam driverless, plug&play, can be operated directly under windows XP SP2/Windows Vista;
Frame rate up to 30fps/second
Focus distance: 30mm ~ infinity (VGA);
Video format: 24 bit real color、VGA/CIF format
Image format: YUY2, I420, RGB24.
Image Control: Automatic exposure control/automatic plus control/ automatic white balance/Gamma correction.
Date transfers: USB 2.0 while USB 1.1 compatible


Applicable to desktop;
Titanium alloy lengthen hose;
Promethean cupules pedestal, stations more solid;
Presentation of patent products, a unique design;
Electromagnetic shielding technology through USB wire;
The baked lacquer technology, use durability;
Snapshot function

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